1. Parallel Minds EP
    Andrew Soul

  2. Back Alley EP
    James Barnsley & Mirco Violi

  3. Sampler Vol 4
    Various Artist

  4. Feel So High EP
    Yamen & EDA

  5. Noble Sam EP
    Massimo DaCosta

  6. Sampler Vol 3
    Various Artists

  7. We Can Do This All Night EP
    Peter JD

  8. Back In A Day EP

  9. Be My Queen EP

  10. Blunt Edge EP
    Arnaud Le Texier

  11. Wild EP
    Nick Daring

  12. Surrealist EP
    Julien Sandre

  13. Sampler Vol 2
    Various Artists

  14. Home Grown EP
    Mark Chambers

  15. Deep Throat EP
    Emmanuel Ternois

  16. Heart Of Oak EP
    Javier Viudez

  17. After Need EP

  18. From Here EP

  19. Window Drop EP
    Charly Delhom

  20. Black & Chic EP

  21. Niedermeier & Whitehead - No Idea EP

  22. The Relative Size Of A Planet EP
    Antonio De Angelis

  23. Safari Numerique Sampler Vol 1

  24. Down Is The New Up EP
    Antonio De Angelis & Arnaud Le Texier

  25. Be Quiet and Drive EP

  26. Don't Leave Me EP
    Cesare Vs Disorder

  27. It's Me EP

  28. Ey Ey EP
    David Labeij

  29. Suave EP
    Christiano & Davidino

  30. Safari Electronique Sampler Vol 9

  31. FREE DOWNLOAD : Perfumes of Our Dead Times EP
    Arnaud Le Texier

  32. Sweet Sensation EP

  33. Kensal Caracas EP
    Arnaud Le Texier & Delete

  34. Baby I Am For Real EP
    Micha Klang

  35. Funk Some Thoughts EP
    Arnaud Le Texier & V. Sexion

  36. Les Funk Del Jazz EP

  37. Ying Yang EP
    Luc Ringeisen

  38. Sampler EP 8
    Various Artists

  39. Crapette EP
    Cesar Merveille

  40. Catharsis EP
    Andre Crom

  41. Liberacion EP
    Luciano Esse & Toni D

  42. Serendipity EP
    Arnaud Le Texier & Emmanuel Ternois

  43. Blue EP + Shonky Remix

  44. Ilian Nights EP
    Ralph Sliwinski

  45. Lost In Styles EP
    Anthony Collins

  46. Soleil EP
    Johnny D

  47. Wild Quiche EP
    Arnaud Le Texier

  48. Friends, Trends And Blends EP

  49. Sampler EP 7
    Various Artists

  50. Sampler EP 6
    Various Artists

  51. Hidden Rooms EP + Luca Bacchetti Remix

  52. Sampler EP 5
    Various Artists

  53. Premium EP
    Brett Longman

  54. Sampler EP 4
    Various Artists

  55. Solo EP
    Akiko Kiyama

  56. Anecdotes Of A Day In The Woods EP
    Delete aka Sergio Munoz

  57. Sampler EP 3
    Various Artists

  58. Strantaktyu EP
    Massi Dl

  59. Sampler EP 2
    Various Artists

  60. Link Set EP

  61. Le Travail d'équipe EP
    Doudou Malicious

  62. Buscando Una Fiesta EP

  63. Spank! it up EP
    Christian Quast

  64. Weird Life EP
    Arnaud Le Texier

  65. Acinom EP

  66. Infront EP

  67. Samstag EP + Pheek Remix
    Arnaud Le Texier, Yossi Amoyal

  68. Salidas EP
    Gustavo Lamas

  69. Between The Same EP
    Arnaud Le Texier, Yossi Amoyal

  70. Blue Liquid EP
    Arnaud Le Texier

  71. Papaye Cube
    Various Artists


Safari Electronique London, UK

Safari Electronique, was created in London in 2005 and is dedicated to Electronic, minimal, techno and micro house.

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